31 December 2010

Writerly Resolutions for 2011

While you’re committing to cleaning out the garage or eating healthier or learning to play the banjo, jot down a few writing goals for 2011.

Feeling a little blue about past years’ resolutions quickly falling by the wayside? Perhaps you could tweak your resolution making. Start by thinking big and list everything you want to accomplish in 2011. Then, break it down. Lofty goals can seem overwhelming and difficult to achieve. Smaller, more focused goals will help you get there. Also, be specific. Instead of simply committing to “writing more” this year, give yourself a word count or amount of time to write for each week (or month). That gives you something to work toward and helps you track whether you’re accomplishing your goal or not.

So, what are your writing-related resolutions this year?


Rags said...

Hmmm...Writerly resolutions. It's a good idea that I'd do well to appropriate.

What are your writer resolutions for 2011?

Ric Federico said...

I agree. Nothing should be more important to us as writers than taking our craft seriously. Although I resisted the notion for years, I've embraced the concept that the best way to do this is to treat our writing as a business. To that end (and with inspiration from an article by Michelle Taute in a recent The Writer magazine supplement titled "Be an Effective Boss of Yourself"), I'm preparing a 2011 business plan for my writing. Happy New Year - and best of luck to all.

Letterpress said...

Ric, thanks for sharing that article. It sounds like an excellent resource.