28 July 2010

Letterpress is Back

After a hiatus, Letterpress is back and we’ve moved into the blogosphere. No need to manage your email subscription. The comments function is on, so all of you who used to send me emails to continue the conversation can now discuss with a much larger pool of writers. I can’t wait!

I'll be posting content from the archives periodically, but will focus mainly on keeping the conversation about the craft of fiction, the writer's life and other bookish topics rolling. I hope you'll join me.


Writer at Large said...

Hi Brandi
Nice to 'see' you again. Last time you sent me a newsletter I ended up going to Venice to paint. Can you work the magic again!!
Leon Moss

franSevern said...

Hurray! I've missed you!

painted skates said...

Brandi! I am so pleased to have your name pop up in my email account. You had so many students you will not remember me in particular but I remember you!

I finished that dratted DCA that I was undertaking when I signed on for a course with Gotham Writers. I now work for Varuna, The Writers Centre in Katoomba NSW and just yesterday referred to one of your essays on keeping tension throughout a work.

My obsession right now is the urgency to tell a story being an essential ingredient of voice.

Carol Major

Stanze said...

Brandi!!! Good to see you and Letterpress back. I'm having my own blog in literature and writing topics but in Portuguese!

Lots of success!!!

Letterpress said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Leon, that is some magic. Let's see if this crossing of paths is equally as charmed.

Fran, glad to be back and I’m glad you’re here, too.

Carol, wonderful to hear my essay came up in your line of work. Thanks for thinking of me. (And, I do remember you.)

Fernanda, oh, how I wish I could read Portuguese. I'll follow along anyway.

MotherRabbit said...

Hi Brandi- Wow, you have an eclectic expat and international following. I fit right in there because I'm in Utah now and it's another planet. Maybe another galaxy.
Glad that you're back with Letterpress! Julie West Staheli

Dana Gage said...

So glad to see you are back. Hope your hiatus was a fruitful one for you.
I am still trying to be a novelist and just completed 16 credits toward my Master's in Narrative Medicine.
Welcome back.

Letterpress said...

Julie, you'll have to send along literary dispatches from your galaxy. So good to hear from you.

Dana, congratulations on the work toward your Master's. Sounds like an interesting program.

Leslie said...

So glad you're back, Brandi! I talk about you all the time to my writing friends... what a wonderful writing instructor you were (Zoetrope + GWW), the wonderful examples you discussed, the detailed feedback, etc., etc. Now they can come visit your blog and see for themselves!

Leslie Carlsen
Novato, CA

Letterpress said...

Thanks for the kind words, Leslie, and for spreading the word about Letterpress. So glad to "see" you here.

Tricia Dower said...

Hi Brandi,

So glad to have found Letterpress once again. I enjoy your Q&A column in the Gotham newsletter and look forward to catching up with you here.